Monday, February 27, 2017

Movie Recommendation - Eddie Strongman

If you have Netflix, I highly recommend Eddie Strongman, currently available on Netflix in the US. It follows a professional Strongman competitor, Eddie Hall, for a couple of years, covering his training, eating, home life, some contest results, injuries, and more about his general life and attitude.

Eddie is one of the top Strongman competitors in the world, which means he is probably one of the strongest human beings on the planet. He's also a very charismatic and lovely fellow, although his language is probably more NSFW than not.

Overall, the documentary is really engaging.

A few really interesting take home points:

  • Being an elite athlete is not about being healthy. Elite athleticism is generally speaking not good for you. The things you have to do to be the best in the world are not compatible with being a normal healthy human being. And Strongman competitors, for the most part, seem to understand that and be okay with it. They're all sacrificing their future health and fitness for a chance at glory, and there's nothing wrong with that in my opinion (although it's not a choice I would make).
  • If you want to be big and strong, eat a lot and lift heavy.
  • To achieve lofty goals you have to make sacrifices.
  • To achieve lofty goals you often have to orient every aspect of your life to achieving them.
I personally have no desire (or probably the ability) to be elite the way Eddie Hall is, but I find his lifestyle, attitude, and story kind of inspiring. I'm also a fan of strength sports.

Another interesting documentary on Netflix (you can tell I had a few spare hours this past weekend) was "The Hurt Business," which covered a year or so out of a the life of a few MMA fighters (Rashad Evans, Holly Holm, some less well known people). Also interesting, but not as compelling as Eddie Hall's story.

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