Sunday, March 6, 2011

Some More Link Love

I've never been one to publish lists of links for you to follow; given my readership numbers, I'm more of a destination blog than a gateway blog.  Still, every once in a while I feel the urge to do some re-directing:

I picked up new sparring gear from my regular supplier, Karate Depot.  You too can buy a set and save on sparring gear for martial arts.  (Disclaimer:  I really did buy from Karate Depot, as I usually do, but I hope to get a free t-shirt for posting this link here).  I got the Warrior Sparring Gear set - it's very nice stuff for what it is, which is designed for point style or semi-contact sparring, not the kind of construction you'd need for real kickboxing or full contact work.  I like Karate Depot - low shipping, reasonably fast service, and a nice selection.  I get all my equipment either from them or from

Check out this week's paleo rodeo.  As usual, the best of this week's paleo posts from a wide variety of blogs.  The Paleo Rodeo is always worth looking through, and is actually responsible for a fairly high percentage of my readership.

Next, don't tell my wife or my mistress, but I've fallen in love with the author of this blog.  Why, you ask?  I don't know - but it may have something to do with the pizza recipes or the picture of her hitting a heavy bag.  She's an engineer who loves boxing and eating!  If she weren't married...  Seriously, though, check out the most comprehensive list of paleo friendly pizza recipes I've ever seen.

I've added a new(ish) podcast to my regular rotation:  The Body Rx Show with Dr. Scott Connelly.  In case you don't remember, Dr. C is the guy who founded MetRx (which, if you don't remember, was a truly groundbreaking supplement for athletes when it was released) and was the brain behind ProGenix back when it was useful.  He's an expert in all things protein and insulin related, both in terms of general health and athletic performance.  His style is a bit... dry, you could say, kind of like sitting through a mediocre college lecture, but the information he shares is phenomenally detailed and fascinating.  At least to me.  The show is hosted by Carl Lenore, host of Superhuman Radio, a show I love, but Carl's role on Body Rx Show is more introducing Dr. C then getting out of the way.

I'm not a fan of most protein bars - they tend to be full of questionable ingredients and low quality protein.  One exception - both tasty and made of high quality, paleo or near-paleo ingredients, are Quest Protein Bars.  If you go to the Superhuman Radio home page you can get 2 free bars for free - not even paying for shipping - which is a pretty good deal.  Both flavors are yummy.  Are they as good for you as real food?  Of course not.  But they're yummy, easy to prepare (unwrap and eat) and transportable.   If you're traveling, especially if your companions aren't paleo-eaters, or taking a long flight, and getting tired of jerky and dried fruit, these might be a nice addition to your repertoire.  And I'm not getting anything for this endorsement, fyi.

That's all for now.  I plan to post some video on one arm pushups soon, along with a long post on karate in comic books and manga.  Keep training!



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